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Original Composition

SALEM-ILC 35th Anniversary Theme Song 南亞路德會沐恩中學三十五週年校慶主題曲 (2019)
for Full Orchestra

Premiered by SALEM-Immanuel Lutheran College Orchestra on 9th July 2019 @ School Hall, SALEM-ILC
Conducted by Mr. Wu Kiu-lap, Woody

Symphony in Purple 紫 (2019) 
for Full Orchestra
Premiered by Academy Symphony on 18th January 2019 @ Concert Hall, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Conducted by Prof. Sharon Choa

Capriccio "Snow"  雪之隨想曲  (2017) 
for Full Orchestra
Premiered by Hong Kong Community Philharmonic Orchestra on 30th September 2017 @ The Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre 
Conducted by Mr. Lee Yik-chung

Ballade "Purple" 敍事曲「紫」(2017)
for Full Orchestra
Premiered by  EdUHK Orchestra on 10th March 2017 @ EdUHK C-LP-11 [Hong Kong]
Conducted by Dr. Leung Chi-hin
Performed by Huntsville Youth Orchestra on 8th June 2017 @ Tennessee Valley Music Festival - Young Composers' Forum 2017 (TVMF 2017) [The United States of America]

Conducted by Mr. Joseph Lee
Performed by Orquesta Sinfónica del Mar on 15th July 2017 [Central America]
Conducted by Mr. Jorge Siliézar

Breeze  微風   (2016)
for Full Orchestra
Premiered by HKIEd Orchestra on 26th February 2016 @ HKIEd C-LP-11
Conducted by Dr. Leung Chi-hin


Large Ensemble
Stormy Sea 驚濤駭浪 (2019)
for 2 Flutes, 1 Oboe, 1 Horn in F, 1 Bass Clarinet in Bb, 1 Soprano Saxophone, 1 Alto Saxophone,1 Tenor Saxophone and 1 Baritone Saxophone
Premiered  on 29th May 2019 @ The Rehearsal Room (CR1), Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Flute I: Cheung Wai-ki
Flute II: Ho Pak-yin
Oboe: Chan Hiu-ying
Horn: Leung Nim-cho 
Bass Clarinet in Bb: Chung Chun-hung
Soprano Saxophone: Ng Yuen-kwong, Vincent
Alto Saxophone: Li Sen-fung
Tenor Saxophone: Chan Wing-yin
Baritone Saxophone: Mak Cheuk-wing

Conducted by Dr. Wong Tak-chiu

Dorian Dance (2018)
for Chamber Orchestra
Premiered by Washington and Lee University Chamber Orchestra on 15th November 2018 @ Wilson Concert Hall, Washington and Lee University
Conducted by Dr. Christopher Dobbins

Performed by The Georgia Tech Concert Orchestra on 5th October 2021 @ Ferst Center for the Arts of the Georgia Tech campus, Atlanta
Conducted by Ms. 
Chaowen Ting

Rabbit Dance  兔之舞  (2018)
for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet, Strings and Piano
Premiered on 4th May 2018 @ EdUHK C-LP-11 
Performed on 5th June 2018 @ The Rehearsal Room (CR2), Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Flute: Cheung Wai-ki
Oboe: Chan Hiu-ying
Clarinet: Chan Hin-man Trumpet: Lo Long-yin
Piano: Tsang Lok-yan
Violin: Chan Hok-man
Viola: Lee Lai-man
Cello: Chen Hegao
Double Bass: Ho Man-hong
Conducted by Dr. Leung Chi-hin​

Snowy Field  迎風冒雪 (2016)
for Piano Solo, 2 Flutes, 1 Oboe and Strings
Premiered by Hong Kong Community Philharmonic Orchestra on 6th November 2016 @ Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre
Piano Solo played by Tsang Lok-yan
Conducted by Mr. Wu Enoch

Stormy Sea 驚濤駭浪 (2016)
for Saxophone Octet
Premiered on 2nd June 2016 @ RTHK Studio One, New Generation 2016
Performed by Hong Kong Saxophone Ensemble
Soprano Saxophone: Kevin Ling, Miriam Tsui
Alto Saxophone: Jacky Leung, Wendy Cheng
Tenor Saxophone: Tsang Man Sze, Queenie Wong
Baritone Saxophone: Au Yin Tak, Victory Chung

Conductor : Mr. Vicky Shin

Tap Dance  踢躂舞  (2016)
for 1 Flute, 1 Clarinet, Piano 4 Hands, 1 Violin, 1 Cello and 1 Double Bass
Premiered on 6th May 2016 @ HKIEd C-LP-11
Flute : Cheuk Hei-ting
Clarinet : Chung Chun-hung 
Piano 4 Hands : Kwok Ka-ching, Tang Suet-man
Violin : Cheung Wai-lun
Cello : Chen Hegao
Double Bass : Liu Tsz-ching

Overture "Sunshine" 序曲「陽光」(2017)
for Handbell
Performed by  EdUHK Handbell Ensemble on 5th June 2017 @ Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Studio Theatre
Conducted by Ms Wong Wai-ching, Zerlina

Chamber Works
MME Prelude (2020)
for 4 Players on 1 Piano
Premiered on 27th June 2020 @ Hong Kong City Hall Recital Hall
Piano I: Chan Kwan-yee
Piano II: Tsang Lok-yan
Piano III: Yiu Chi-hong
Piano IV: Cheung Wai-ki

Calling for Peace 哀喚和平 (2019)
for Woodwind Quartet
Premiered on 5th December 2019 @ HKAPA Recital Hall

Flute: Cheung Hoi-yi Shirley
Oboe: Chan Hiu-ying Katy
Clarinet: Cheng Pui-chung Raymond
Bassoon: Chan King-hei
Conductor: Tsang Lok-yan

Waterscape 水景 (2019)
for 36-reed Sheng, Double Bass, Guzheng and Piano

Premiered on 24th April 2019 @ HKAPA Recital Hall
Sheng: Chan Yuen-man, Natalie
Double Bass: Li Ting-ho, Rio

Guzheng: Lam Oi-ting, Tracy 
Piano: Ng Ho-ching, Anson

Conductor: Tsang Lok-yan

Grapes  墨葡萄  (2019)
for 36-reed Sheng, Violin and Cello

Premiered on 11th March 2019 @ HKAPA Recital Hall
Sheng: Chan Yuen-man, Natalie
Violin: Wong Sin-i, Nina
Cello: Chow Kung-chi, Aron 

Conductor: Tsang Lok-yan

Beyond the Red Bricks  紅磚的隨想  (2018)
for Cello and Yangqin
Premiered on 15th September 2018 @ Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences - Musicus Heritage Community Concert Series - Elixirs for the Soul 

Cello:  Trey Lee
Yangqin: Pan Ya-sze

Cupid and Psyche  邱比特與賽姬  (2018
for Viola and Piano
Premiered on  6th April 2018 @ RTHK4 Studio One - Match Making Concert 2018 - Emerging Composers x Emerging Performers

Viola: Ma Cheuk-lam. Annis
Piano: Lee Seen-tung

Dorian Dance (2018)
for Clarinet, Violin and Cello
Premiered by Concorde Contemporary Music Ensemble [Reading Session] on 3rd November 2017 @ EdUHK C-LP-11
Clarinet: Paul Roe

Violin: Aoife Ní Bhríain
Cello: Martin Johnson

The Language of Flower 花語  (2017)
for Flute, Violin, Viola and Piano​
Premiered on 5th May 2017 @ EdUHK C-LP-11
Flute : Ip Wai-ying
Violin : Chan Hok-man
Viola : Lee Lai-man
Piano : Chan Kwan-yee

Prelude in D Major D大調前奏曲  (2016)
for Piano 4 Hands and 1 Violin

Breeze  微風  (2016)
for Piano 4 Hands and 1 Violin

Premiered on 10th May 2016@ HKIEd C-LP-11
Piano 4 Hands: Tsang Lok-yan, Tang Suet-man

Violin: Cheung Wai-lun

Breeze (2015)
for 2 Pianos and 1 Violin

Premiered on 6th May 2015 and performed on 13/5/2015@ HKIEd C-LP-11
1st Piano: Tang Suet-man
2nd Piano: Tsang Lok-yan 
Violin: Cheung Wai-lun

Snowflakes (2015)
for 2 Pianos and 1 Violin

Premiered on 13th May 2015 @ HKIEd C-LP-11
1st Piano: Tang Suet-man
2nd Piano: Tsang Lok-yan 
Violin: Cheung Wai-lun

Practice Makes Perfect 熟能生巧  (2019)
for Cello Solo
Premiered on 25th November 2019 @HKAPA Recital Hall
Cello: Chow Kung-chi, Aron

Capriccio "Snow"  雪之隨想曲  (2014)
for Piano Solo
Premiered in April 2015 @ HKIEd C-LP-03

Piano: Tang Suet-man

Theme Song for SALEM-Immanuel Lutheran College 30th Anniversary
Premiered in November 2013
Piano:Tsang Lok-yan

Dreaming (2011)
for Piano Solo

Grace (2011)
for Piano Solo

Premiered in August 2011 @ ILC Hall
Piano: Tsang Lok-yan 

The Song of a Visitor on Youzhou Tower 登幽州臺歌(2018)
for Baritone and Piano
* Commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild - Contemporary Vocal & Choral Compositions of Chinese Poems Project (Recording Session: 21 April 2019, Concert in 2020)
Baritone: Lim Chun, Albert
Piano: Emas Au

The Lord Will Send His Mercy 耶和華必施憐憫 (2018)
for SSA and Piano
* The Hong Kong Children's Choir (HKCC) - One of the prizewinners from "50th Anniversary Children's Choral Composition Selections"

The Flower 一朵花  (2018)
for Baritone and Piano
*dedicated to my friend, Kwok Chun-lap, Alex*

Premiered on 16th November 2018 @ HKAPA Recital Hall 
Baritone: Kwok Chun-lap, Alex
Piano: Tsang Lok-yan

Music Manga Gallery 音樂漫畫廊 (2020)
for Oboe, Cello and Keyboard
Premiered on 29th April 2020 @ Facebook Live at Facebook Page of HKAPA Department of Composition and Electronic Music
**Track compiled by Virtual Instruments
Manga: MUTO

Landscape 景觀 (2019)
for Tape and Live Electronics
Premiered on 3rd May 2019 @ HKAPA Concert Hall
Live Electronics: Tsang Lok-yan
Tape (Cello Part): Chow Kung-chi, Aron

The Sky at Night 夜空  (2018)
for Piano and Overtone Singing

Premiered on 13th June 2018 @ HKAPA Recital Hall
Piano: Chan Nga-man
Overtone Singing: Cheng Ching-nam, Hippocrates

Breeze  微風  (2017)
for Piano and String Pad
Premiered on 28th May 2017 @ Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre 
Piano: Chan Kwan-yee
String Pad: Fung Chun-wai


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